The Rules

You don’t have to know much about the rules of roller derby to enjoy a bout – just keep your eye on the jammers and cheer on your team! Part of the fun of watching derby is that it’s an accessible sport, with enough speed and action to keep even first-timers on the edge of their seats until the final jam. If you just want enough of an overview to be able to follow the play, check out our handy guide for newcomers.

But you may be wondering why the referees were blowing their whistles at the pack and raising their arms – or why your favourite jammer was just sent to the penalty box.

For a deeper understanding of the tactics and strategy in play, the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association website has the most current WFTDA ruleset available for download, along with extensive extra content, including Q&A’s and recent rulings on official rule interpretations. They also have a handy illustrated guide to referee hand signals.