Featured Skater: Caitlin O’Carroll #87

Decembers skater of the month is the very fabulous Caitlin O’Carroll. Caitlin’s has been skating with ARRG for a year and a half, and has made a name for herself as both a Twisted Thistle and a Cannon Belle. One of our most adaptable skaters, not only

does she crossover between travel teams, but she also jams, pivots and blocks. Not all at once – she’s good but not THAT good.

Caitlin’s dedication to both the travel teams plus her home team really epitomises the dedication that all of us in ARRG have shown this year; collectively we have all worked hard to achieve what we have, and we mark the end of our amazing 5th year as a league by showing off one of our best skaters.

Home Team Affiliation:
I skate with the Skatefast Club. Lemon yellow dream team!

Joined ARRG in:
I transferred to ARRG from Aberdeen’s GCRG in Summer 2012.

Favourite position to play:
I wouldn’t like to pick between blocking and jamming, I love both.

Best ARRG memory:
There are so many. Getting Crazylegs’ ponytail sweat in my mouth? Top of the list would have to be our winning streak at ECDX earlier this year. Also, coming home and putting everything we learned into practice.

Favourite after skate drink/snack:
Me and Double D struction like to chug a protein shake or a chocolate milk shake after practise. Food-wise, as long as it’s meat that’s fine. Right now I have a thing for tuna with beetroot.
If we’ve just had a game, mine’s a pint. Ta.

Worst Derby injury:
I’ve been lucky enough to avoid serious injury thus far (touch wood). I’ve twisted both ankles on separate occasions and had to take a couple of weeks off skates for both.

Best Derby advice:
Attend practice as much as possible, and watch high level derby regularly. If you can find some kind of off skates training that you love, that is great, too.

Any funny/embarrassing derby stories?
I embarrass myself on a regular basis. High pitched screaming and barrel roles are regular occurrences. I once forgot to take my helmet home the night before a game. That was quite daft.

Derby Hero:
I don’t have a derby hero, but I really enjoyed watching Nock Nock from Bay Area skating in the championships just passed. I like beefy jammers.

What do you do outside of derby:
This year I started training to be a nurse. I also love to crochet.

Fun fact about you:
I can play the saxomophooone.

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