Featured Skater: LL Cool Gay #109

Our featured skater for June is… LL Cool Gay #109!

Gay has been with ARRG for 3 years, and last year, moved into competitive skating. She is a great example of someone who puts their heart and soul into the league – not only does she run the ever-popular cake stall at every single home bout, but she is also a member of the Board, and a spokesperson. She’s been heavily involved in getting ARRG to where they are now, and also achieved so many personal goals – she is a shining example of what dedication and commitment can bring you, both on and off track.

Home Team Affiliation: The lovely Cherry Bombers

Joined ARRG in: May 2011

Favourite position to play: Blocker without a doubt, but really enjoy jamming!

Best ARRG memory: My first home season was the best thing to ever happen!

Worst Derby injury: Fractured tib and fib but recently suffered the trauma of losing a toe nail and I can’t say which was worse.

Best Derby advice: Don’t focus on matching up to other skaters and don’t worry about not progressing fast enough. Enjoy the journey of learning and everything will be wonderful.

Any funny/embarrassing derby stories? I have been known to squeal quite a bit on track. It’s always funny and embarrassing.

Derby Hero: Anyone that doesn’t give up.

What do you do outside of derby: I lift heavy things up and put heavy things back down again.

Fun facts about you: When I drink more than one glass of wine I talk with an Irish accent.

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