Featured Skater: Pope John Brawl #264

This months features skater is the wonderful POPE JOHN BRAWL!

Photo Credit - Sam Skipsy

Photo Credit - Sam Skipsy

Pope has been skating with ARRG’s Reserve team for a while now, and has recently been announced as the newest member of the All Star Twisted Thistles! This means she will be travelling to Oregon in May to take part in the Big O tournament. Whilst she is undoubtedly nervous about being the new guy skating for the A team, we know she will do us all proud.

To see why she was chosen to move up the ranks, come along to our home season FINAL where the Leithal Weapons will take on the Skatefast Club, as she is Vice Captain for the Leithals

Can she help see them to victory? Head along and see!

Home Team Affiliation:
Leithal Weapons! (formerly Skatefast Club)

Joined ARRG in:
I started Fresh Meat with ARRG in March 2012 and became a full member in June.

Favourite position to play:
Blocker. Sometimes pivot…because I talk a lot…

Best ARRG memory:
There are SO MANY. My first home season was a biggie. I wasn’t skating in the first game and watching my Fresh Meat buddies warming up to play their first public bout was really special!

Jamming lots in my second ever bout and not freaking out or dying…

Getting picked for the Twisted Thistles was both terrifying and wonderful and just makes me want to up my game so much before we go to the US. Hopefully, again, no freak outs or death…….!

Worst Derby injury:
I cracked my rib. Really, that isn’t all that bad and I’m very lucky. But not being able to skate or even exercise for 6 weeks was grim!

Best Derby advice:
Remember the good stuff you have done every practice. Challenge yourself. Tell your pals what they’ve done well. Be inspired by everyone but don’t compare yourself!!!

Any funny/embarrassing derby stories?
Being Rose to Powers’ Jack for our Leithals skate out this Home Season definitely has to be a high point of funny and embarrassing.

Generally inadvertently having the worst face paint out of anyone at any game…the photos don’t lie…

Derby Hero:
I am surrounded by lots of incredibly inspiring women who never cease to impress me on and off the track and I would like to say something gushing about them all really…

What do you do outside of derby:
I fight to save the world from evil villains and internet trolls (just not the ones I agree with, they can stay)

Fun facts about you:
I’ve got gills.
They’re multiplyin’.

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