How ARRG Works *committee contacts*

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How ARRG Works *committee contacts*

Post by Crazylegs » Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:53 pm

ARRG is Edinburgh's flat track roller derby league, run entirely by skaters and volunteers. Our motto is 'it's nice to be nice'.

We have lots of committees who exist to ensure every aspect of ARRG runs smoothly. These committees each have a Spokesperson whose job it is to feed into a monthly meeting called the 'Spokesey meeting'.

The committees are supported by The Board. The Board is made up of two Co-Chair members, a Treasurer and two Spokesepeople. All these roles are voted in by the league.

If you want to contact any of the committees or Board about anything to do with the running of ARRG, please use the email addresses below:

The Board:

Co-Chairs Panda and vacancy
Treasurer – So Solid Sue
Board Member – Nimmo
Board Member – Stellar

Training and Progression Committee (training schedule, coaches, visiting skaters from other leagues, rec skaters)

To email coaches directly, use

New Skaters Committee (anything Fresh Meat oriented)

Game Management Committee (plan home and away bouts) (home games) (away games and invitations)

Secretarial Committee (all things Membership list related)

Finance Committee (managing ARRG's money)

Officials (all things Ref and NSO related)

Communications Committee (all public facing aspects of the league; promoting games and events, tickets, all online and print media, photography, posters, website etc. Also all tech, including email and forum management)

Sponsorship and Advertising Committee (sponsorship deals, selling adverts, grants and fundraising events)

Merchandise (anything 'official ARRG merch' related)

Equalities team(all about equalities, diversity, accessibility, inclusivity and being a safe space for all)

ARRG-vocates (any grievance issues, special assistance requirements, or personal/sensitive issues)
*please note - if you have an issue you want to bring to arrgovs, but aren't comfortable emailing the whole group (there are 4 arrgvos), then please email the arrgvos with a short message, just asking someone to get back to you personally.

If you want to get in touch with our home teams they can be reached at the following
Cherry Bombers
Leithal Weapons
Skatefast Club

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Re: How ARRG Works *committee contacts*

Post by Major Vengeance » Mon Jan 23, 2017 12:06 pm

The board is...

Vengeance (Treasurer)
Beardylocks (co-chair)
vacancy (co-chair)
Nimmo (board member)
vacancy (board member)

Our spokesies are...


Dead Metal

Vengeance (Treasurer)

vacancy (refs)
Slam Poet (NSOs)

Kiki -


Lucky Harms


AS Sasha
AS Sharlotte

ASR Captain: Pukeahontas
ASR Vice: Cirque

ASTRO Captain: Princess Die
ASTRO Vice Captain: Hoose

Captain - Collie
Vice - Evelyn

Captain - Princess Die
Vice - Tink

Captain - Temple of Doom
Vice - Lady Scrapnell

Shanarchy - LEAD (does not have voting rights) is the contact email

WFTDA reps


Treasurer, finance, first aider, training & progression

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Re: How ARRG Works *committee contacts*

Post by Temple of Doom » Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:43 am

Hey ASR Captains now puke and cirque. Not sure if Co captains or captain and vice. ASR can confirm.
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