News Roundup: Fringe Fever, Dying ARRG, Fresh Meat and Upcoming Events

DIe ARRGWhat a fantastically jammed packed Fringe of joy! There was just so much going on I don’t even know where to begin. First we had one heck of a Fringe bout on the 10th of August when the Twisted Thistles took to the track at Meadowbank Sports Centre to knock about in #DieARRG fashion against the Stockholm Roller Derby All-Stars.

They went back and forth, and for a while it seemed close, with both teams playing well with excellent jamming and impenetrable walls, but in the second half the Twisted Thistles pulled through and came out with a well-deserved 194 to 104 WIN!

But ARRG never rests, especially not in August. Just a few short weeks later (August 24th) in a closed home bout against the Helsinki All-Star Ninja Turtles, the Twisted Thistles again worked together and slammed the turtles, Shredder style, racking up a final score of 218 to 133.

Jammer focus

Photo by Thomas Mathieson

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, the doors of Meadowbank were thrown open and the Fringe crowds streamed in for the second of the Edinburgh Fringe bouts: Die ARRG With a Vengeance! Which featured the Helsinki Queen Bs and ARRG’s Cannon Belles. In this bout the Belles debuted some new skaters and exploded right out of the gate. Powerful hits and power jams kept the Belles’ score going up, with a final tally of 322 to 69.

After the fringe bouts, in true ARRG style, we partied ARRG with Helsinki and remembered how nice it is to be nice.

But, but, but! That’s not all we have going on at ARRG!

Starting up on September 1st, we have the latest round of Fresh Meat strapping on their skates and pads to give derby a go. Learn how to give it a go by emailing

On September 28th, the Cannon Belles, fresh off of their win against Helsinki,  will be back working closely together and bouting against the Middlesborough Milk Rollers B Team at Meadowbank. Doors open at 2pm. Tickets will go on sale soon.

Then, on October 26th, the Twisted Thistles will be kitting up for their next home bout against the Brighton Rockers.

There’s LOADS more coming up too: European travel bouts and lots of off-skates fun for everyone to get involved with. Want to learn how? Give us a shout here. You know you want to be a part of ARRG.

Plus, In top secret news: there are plans afoot for another amazing ARRG bootcamp! Keep your ears to the ground and you eyes on Twitter (@auldreekierg) and Facebook for more details.

Photo by Punkmarko Roller Derby Photography

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