The All Star Reserves play leagues across the UK and Europe. Since their formation in late 2009 they have competed against teams from Glasgow, Dublin, Vienna, Helsinki, Malmo, and beyond, including playing in Scotland’s first-ever roller derby tournament. In 2013 they played their first overseas away game against the Amsterdam Derby Dames, then went to Oslo in November 2014, before heading to Manchester and Copenhagen in 2015. Look out for them in early 2016 when they begin the home games of the season!

All Star Reserves Roster

01 Calamity Jen
006 Powerhouse
007 Fury Eyes Only
12 Simply the Beast
15 Danisaurus Wrecks
16 Velosidy
17 emKa
18 Dead Metal
23 Cirque du Slay
369 Radge of Honour
501 Maxx Attaxx
51 Purely Belt-Her
59 Vanessa Berrie
612 Crash Kale-ision Course
709 Lady Scrapnell
82 Princess Die
91 Track Adder