Our Mission

To be a dynamic community that is supportive and inclusive in a competitive environment, in which skaters, officials and non-skating members can be the best they can be.

Our Vision

As one of the pioneering leagues in Europe, we continue to work tirelessly to contribute to the global development of roller derby.

Through our training, coaching and by encouraging hundreds of people to participate and excel in our sport, we empower our members to better themselves physically and mentally, and to contribute to an inclusive and welcoming space.

We strive to create fearless, formidable travel teams to compete locally and internationally at the highest levels.

We are passionate individuals who work together as part of a positive, unique and revolutionary movement.

Our Values

– We push ourselves to be the best we can be

– We strive to share roller derby with anyone and everyone who wants to be involved

– We work together and support each other to achieve a common goal

– We foster a competitive spirit in a supportive environment

– We are democratic, with all members contributing to the direction and decisions of our league

– We strive to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for all

– We uphold the values of sportspersonship

– We have fun!