Summer Specials!

School of ARRG Knocks is BACK this summer with two boot camps in July! Details below…


School of ARRG Knocks: New Beginnings!

Date: Sat 7th July 2018
Location: Holyrood High School 
Time: 11am – 4pm
Skater Ticket Price: £20
Off Skates Ticket Price: £8
Gender Policy: Open to all
Skater Level: Pre mins / recently passed mins and would like to nail your skills a bit more!  

Recently passed mins and not sure what to aim for now?  Aiming to nail those last few mins and need some inspiration?  Stuck in a newbie rut? This boot camp is for you!!

Our All Star coaches will bring you a series of on and off skates sessions, using our unique and creative coaching methods to help reignite the spark, nail some new skills, learn some top tips for being a top team mate and fall in love with derby all over again.

Our All Star coaches are raising funds for our travel teams and officials by sharing their top tips for getting past those stumbling blocks, becoming a stronger and more confident skater and having the most fun while you do that!

We’ll also guide you through some positive approaches that you can take once you’ve passed your mins, to ensure you continue to see, track and really benefit from improvements in your skills and tactically focused training”

Day Break Down:

Our sessions mirror the areas covered in the Minimum Skills, but we do everything in a creative and derby centric way. Our coaches all have at least 6 years of derby experience and are great at breaking down key moves and skills to help you learn and improve on the track.

With great support and coaching comes noticeable progression and confidence; it’s not uncommon for our newest mins passed skaters to be found skating on all 3 of ARRG’s travel team rosters within months of passing; we guarantee you’ll feel confident and inspired after this amazing day of fun on and off skates 🙂

Our Sessions…drum roll….
Three Skate Skills sessions with three Team Scotland All Stars!

Session 1: ‘Balance and Agility’ with Sharlotte Patterson
Our All Star Captain and main rotation jammer sprinting through her 6th season, there surely isn’t an apex in Europe that Sharlotte hasn’t jumped!! Sticking two fingers up to fear and giving you tools to build your confidence in stages, this session will have you skipping the apex, running up the inside line and owning agility like a boss.

Session 2: ‘Blocking and Recovery Tactics’ with Bangers
All Stars core defence player and pivot over 5 seasons, Bangers has developed her own signature style with blocking techniques; a master at catching jammers unaware with her lighting reactions, Bangers excels at helping newer skaters understand weight distribution, taking impact and accurate blocking in all directions, only a fool would miss this master class!

Session 3: ‘Pack Skills and Working Together with Crazylegs
With 10 seasons on the All Stars playing core offence, defense and pivoting, Crazylegs will share top tips on mastering the art of skating with others; accurate positioning, calm communicating, anticipating movement, making small fixes – learn how to play well with others for optimal clarity and effectiveness on track.  Teamwork makes the dream work!

AND an additional Off Skates Session: ‘Developing Resilience and Confidence through Training Approaches’ with Pope John Brawl
After working towards minimum skills for so long, many skaters can feel a little lost afterwards; so how do you set yourself up to continue to develop? Look no further than our amazing Pope John Brawl to coach you on ‘Developing Resilience and Confidence through Training Approaches’ – with 5 seasons skating with the All Stars, and honing her coaching skills at all levels, Pope has been an integral part of the league leadership and coaching team; wisdom, support, great listening skills; grab some time with Pope to really think about your approach to training, what you want to achieve, and how you can build resilience, and confidence with some key methods.

AND – As if all of that wasn’t enough, we know how much stress and focus goes into laps training, and reaching that 27 in 5 – or even surpassing that; all of our coaches will build in a short ‘laps primer’ into each session to focus on acceleration, control, conditioning and building endurance; anyone can do it, we know you can! A must for all to improve your speed, confidence and stride.



School of ARRG Knocks Guest Session:
Jammer/Offence Boot Camp with Hanna P from Crime City!

Date: Sun 15th July 2018
Location: Grangemouth Sports Centre
Time: 12:00 – 17:00
Skater Ticket Price: £25
Off Skates Ticket Price: £10
WFTDA Gender policy for skater tickets, off skates tickets are open to all
Skater Level: Mins passed, scrimmage ready skaters

Ready to reach ‘Next Level Fierce’ with your jamming and offence moves?  Hanna P is one of Crime City’s secret weapons! A staple part of the Crime jammer rotation for the past 5 years, Hanna helped Crime City Rollers make the swift climb from being ranked in the 100’s, to number 10 in the WFTDA rankings.  Hanna also recently showcased her jammer skills for Team Sweden during the Roller Derby World Cup in Manchester this year. No stranger to sports, Hanna’s pre derby sports career includes being a youth Swedish Pole Vaulting Championship winner, which took her to sports college for her studies.

From Hanna:
“My special skills are that I get through the pack in many different ways without doing super fancy apex jumps or sci fi moves 🙂  I’m great utilising speed and also when the speed is taken away. I’m particularly good at taking offence from blockers and utilising my players to get through.”

Day Break Down:

Warm up off skates with our qualified Personal Trainer; Rebecca Gow from ThinkFit Training. Rebecca will show you how to safely warm up and engage the muscles you need for maximum powerful jamming and offence moves.

Session 1: Toe-Stop Madness!
Scared to be on tiptoes?  During this session, we will work on levelling up your toe-stop and juking skills to help you slip past on the lines when there’s no space

Session 2: Push and Dig
Sick of coming to a halt when faced with a solid wall? Fed up of being fired off track and recycled? In this session, we will work exclusively in the middle of the track carving through the walls and surprising the blockers with tricks!

Session 3: Stronger Together
We will work together – one (or two if you’re lucky!) offence blocker, and one jammer. Hanna will teach you some great drills to help your jammer get through those super strong walls when the rest of your team is doing defence.

Session 4:  Fueling the Fire
Never sure what or even when to eat before and after training?  How do we prep for games and tournaments and fit all of the food in?  Now is your chance to chat exclusively and ask questions with our resident qualified Nutritionist – DeeDee!