Coaching Opportunities

Following four years of successful ‘School of ARRG Knocks’ boot camps in Edinburgh, the crack team of coaches from Auld Reekie Roller Girls are taking their skills on the road!

Who are the ARRG core coaches? Why should they come and coach us?
The core coaches of ARRG are made up of our most experienced players. They work together to help ARRG build on our successes and continuously improve our skills.

With experience across all derby disciplines, our core coaches teach us new technical skills, develop our tactics and solve problems in our gameplay as identified through analysing bout footage. Since we began in 2008, our coaches are all competitive skaters who have carved out the teams’ tactical and technical training sessions to ensure we remain at the top of our game year after year.

ARRG also have heaps of tournament experience and first hand knowledge of international game play and tactics, including a whole load of incredible knowledge and skill which comes from playing in US tournaments, such as ECDX in 2013 and the Big O in 2014 and 2016. This, coupled with years of experience playing European teams and tournaments, means we have a wealth of knowledge ready to share!

What can we coach on?
Our coaches can cover a wide range of topics, from basic technical skills to advanced agility or tactical gameplay; we can tailor sessions to suit your league’s requirements. We are also happy to discuss training points beforehand and even study footage of your team to offer advice and pinpoint the best way to make use of coaches’ time!

In addition to straight up drills sessions, our coaches are experienced in off skates sessions  including tactical guidance, how to structure your league’s training, feedback, stats and footage analysis, team selection, bench management, line up writing and mental training.

Whatever you want, just ask, and we can provide the best coach for the job!

What format will it take?
Our coaches can do as little or as much as you require! From single training sessions on specific skills to full weekend boot camps with drills, directed scrimmage and off skates sessions, we can work to your spec!

How much will it cost us?
All we ask for in return for our time and training is for our travel and accommodation to be covered by your league and for a donation to be made to our travel fund.  We can provide guidelines on how much to donate if you like, or you can just pay us what you can afford.

The Travel Teams’ travel fund goes directly to helping the All-Stars, the All-Stars Reserves and the All Star Rookies get to the places they need to go!

If you are interested in having ARRG coaches travel to coach your league, please get in touch on

Convince me!
Here are a few testimonials from leagues we have taken trips to coach in the past year:

“Excellent drills, both on track and off skates. Got plenty of new ideas how work techniques, re-setting and recycling. Enjoyed every minute of the lectures on benching, stats, bout analysing and team construction.” –  Advanced skater, Helsinki Roller Derby

“The best lesson to learn was to never give up and even when you think your body is screaming for a break you can always go a little bit longer. Needless to say the ARRG coaches were extremely nice and super encouraging.” –  Intermediate skater, Helsinki Roller Derby

“Stitches and Alma Geddon both ran sessions with Cork City Firebirds in 2012. They were very enjoyable and tailored to our league’s specific requirements. As well as the great training received on the day they also made sure we had plenty of ideas & drills to move forward with and continue to improve afterwards. CCF would highly recommend the girls from ARRG as coaches for any league.” – Cork City Firebirds

“NRG found our visit from ARRG coaches to be a really useful and enjoyable experience, one which we’d definitely repeat in the future. The ARRG coaches were super accommodating and corresponded with NRG coaches prior to the visit so as to pitch their session at the appropriate level and focus on skills and strategies we felt needed attention. Demand for the session was high enough that they kindly agreed to run two tracks. The coaches were professional, helpful and available for feedback after the day. The NRG came away suitably challenged and super enthused by the it. Great stuff!” – Newcastle Roller Girls

“I’ve been through one of Crazylegs’ training sessions, freaking awesome so it was. FREAKING AWESOME I SAID” – Red Baron, Bairn City Rollers, Skelpies.