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    Featured Skater: Pukeahontas #92

    This months featured skater is the amazing Pukeahontas! Puke works hard for ARRG, both as a skater and as our A team bench coach. She’s helped bring the Thistles to victory on many occasions, not least in the Big O … Continue reading

    Lilo & Stitches went to Antwerp – Coaching One Love Roller Dolls!

    Our coaches in ARRG don’t just coach us, they also travel the world, guest coaching other teams. We love visiting other teams and giving them some of our ARRG tips and tactics, and it seems they love having us! When … Continue reading

    School of ARRG Knocks 3 – Was it even ARRGer?

    It’s 8am on a Saturday morning. Team Bootcamp and ARRG coaches arrive at Meadowbank looking like human versions of Buckaroo carrying skatebags, water, soundsystems, lunches, shirts, inner tubes.. everything you might need for a full day of skatey hardwork and … Continue reading

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