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    The Edinburgh Festival Fringe – ARRG presents:

    WE have seen our All Stars team take on Glasgow Roller Derby twice this year, and be defeated both times. Now, it’s time for our Reserves team to give it a go – can they succeed and come out triumphant? … Continue reading

    Featured Official: Jane Eerie #

    Once again this month we are proud to show off one of our skater officials! Dual role members are really special, and bring so much to the league whilst also hugely benefitting themselves, as they have the insight to both … Continue reading

    Featured Official: Mags Payne

    This months featured official is the wonderful referee – Mags Payne! Mags started out as a skater, but quickly realised that her real skills lay in the world of officiating. Not only is she a great referee, but she’s also … Continue reading

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