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    Featured Official – Faerie Nuff!

    This month, we are showcasing the fabulous Faerie Nuff! Faerie has been with ARRG for a long time, 5 and a half years, and recently reached her 100th game as a referee! Faerie is a cool, relaxed referee, with incredible … Continue reading

    Reserves Head to Copenhagen!

    COPENHAGEN 2015 Our incredible All Star Reserves are about to embark on their third European away trip, as they head off to Copenhagen tomorrow to enter a tournament! On Saturday, they will first face Copenhagen Roller Derby, before quickly getting … Continue reading

    Featured Skater: LuPaul #32

    This month, we are super proud to feature the wonderful LuPaul. Lu has been with ARRG for a few years now, and has recently joined the All Stars Roster, as a crossover. That means she still skates with the All … Continue reading

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