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    Featured Official: Blind Io

    We are back on NSO watch this month, as we take some time to recognise our amazing NSO, Blind Io! Io has been with us for nearly 18 months, and has really cemented himself as a huge ARRG brick. He’s … Continue reading

    SOAK 4 -The HungARRG Games.. why should you come?

    We know there will be people wondering if all the hype is really worth it, and really, what can be so good about the School of ARRG Knocks bootcamps.. surely a roller derby bootcamp is a roller derby bootcamp, right? … Continue reading


    As you know, we have the super exciting BRITISH CHAMPS (tickets still available..) in Edinburgh tomorrow, and you’d think this would be taking up all our time – but here at ARRG we are busy bees, and we never stop … Continue reading

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