Wanna Be ARRG Pal?

Want to be the first to hear exclusive news about ARRG? Be on the invite only list to all our special events, AND save money by getting a discounted entry price? Then become ARRG pal!

For only £5 a month you will receive:

– Exclusive newsletters (they won’t be the same as our regular newsletters you can sign up for on our website)

– A dashing membership card which will get you access to all our bouts for only £5 on the door

– A welcome gift.

However, the Be ARRG Pal membership does not give you any voting rights within the league or full access to the Forum. If you’re interested in those, you could consider a Non-Skating Member membership (where you would join a committee and be an active member of the ARRGverse).

If you are interested in becoming an ARRG Pal or would like more information,
please contact us at: communications@arrg.co.uk.

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