Referees and NSOs

Photo by Scott Carroll

ARRG would not be possible without our dedicated referees and non-skating officials, responsible for keeping our bouts clean, safe and honest and for tracking all stats and scores.

NSOs (Non-Skating Officials) specialise in score tracking, time-keeping and penalty tracking for each bout.

Referees follow the action on their skates, keeping track of the scores and watching for errant elbows and out-of-bounds fouls. ARRG has our own referee training program, which ensures all of  our referees reach a high standard of reffing. Our ref crew also includes the Scottish area representative of the European Roller Derby Officials Society.

Current referee roster:
Faerie Nuff
Kirds ‘n’ Slay
Mags Payne

Andy Clockwise
Blind Io
Jane Eerie

We are currently recruiting Non Skating Officials (NSOs)! You can become a member of the fantastic ARRG league without even needing to skate! A team of special ARRG NSOs will train you in everything you need to know and even help you work towards WFTDA Certification! This is also a fantastic opportunity to get involved in the running of ARRG and be a part of something amazing! Email us at for details.