Welcome ASTRO – ARRG’s Newest Travel Team!

We’ve had a busy and pretty exciting couple of months here at ARRG. Our All Stars travelled to the US to take part in The Big O and absolutely kicked *ss, taking on some of the best teams in the world and playing four games in four days. Auld Reekie are now ranked #47 in the WFTDA world rankings – no biggie. We had a huge intake of new skaters as part of our newly rebranded and refreshed New Skaters programme – Skate Skills 101 (hiya new pals). We turned the ripe old age of eight – happy birthday ARRG! Oh aye, we also now have a band new C-Team!! We like to keep busy eh.

Auld Reekie All Star Rookies – ASTRO 

The all new Auld Reekie Roller Girls All Star Rookies (affectionately known as ASTRO) are our brand new travel team, put together for two reasons; to accommodate an ever growing number of competitive skaters in ARRG, but also because our All Stars and All Star Reserves are playing at such a high level, we needed a team that can compete on a more local level. We want to play local and UK teams to help grow the sport as much as we can, and whilst our Reserves can play a lot of UK A teams, our new ASTRO team are ready to take on B teams, or newer leagues A teams.

The team is made up of a mixture of players; we’ve got some who have been playing derby for over 6 years, and some who started less than 12 months ago. We believe this team really showcases the different learning and development paths that all skaters take – anyone who has taken the brave leap into becoming a competitive skater knows that everyone progresses at different rates, and this team really shows that. Everyone can achieve anything, if you just keep working at it.

In terms of ARRG, this team means that we now have three focused, competitive travel teams. Whilst this has its own set of challenges in terms of coaching, hall space, and leadership, it’s also really positive for things like tactical development, skater progression, and skill sharing.

We are super excited to start playing as a team – we’ve worked so hard to get game ready, we’ve become a strong, responsive, unified team and we have no doubt we’ll put up a good fight on the 11th! Tickets for the game are on sale now!

The first ASTRO team who will take on Granite City Fight Hawks on Saturday are:

1. Aisa Typhoon
2. Cirque Du Slay
3. Danisaurus Wrecks
4. Dead Metal
5. EmKa
6. Ex Machina
7. Lannthrax
9. Powerhouse
10. Princess Die – CAPTAIN!
11. Purely Belt’her
12. Shanarchy
13. Simply the Beast
14. Trojan Virus
Sub 1 – Hex 

Bench – Lex Luthor 

LUM – Lucky Harms 

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