All Star Rookies

Our All Star Rookies are our newest travel team, formed in May 2016, set up to help cater to a growing number of competitive skaters in the league.

The All Star Rookies, like all ARRG’s travel teams, are in intensive training all year round, and play home and away games against teams from all over the UK. From top level C teams, to newer league A teams, the Rookies take on them all!

All Star Rookies Roster 

0131 BA Humbug
18 Dead Metal
1984 Major Vengeance
22 Shamonster
24 Teapot Rebellion
242 Ex Machina
269 Tenacious C
369 Radge of Honour
51 Purely Belt-Her
59 Vanessa Berrie
6 Powerhouse
61 Bunsen Burnher
7 Fury Eyes Only
71 Hex
76 McPain
82 Princess Die