All Star Rookies

Our All Star Rookies are our newest travel team, formed in May 2016, set up to help cater to a growing number of competitive skaters in the league.

The All Star Rookies, like all ARRG’s travel teams, are in intensive training all year round, and play home and away games against teams from all over the UK. From top level C teams, to newer league A teams, the Rookies take on them all!

All Star Rookies Roster 

007 Fury Eyes Only
012 Katalytic Cracker
0131 BA Humbug
02 Dyno
08 Ger-onimo!
125 Hardy
142 Murphy’s Flaw
24 Teapot Rebellion
251 So Solid Sue
26 Panda-monium
28 Eyjafalla Fearless
29 Booga
369 Radge of Honour
42 Finding Nimmo
555 C Bear
61 Bunsen Burnher
71 Hex
73 Professor McGonnamaul
88 Stellar Fearformance

Bench: Crash Kale-ision Course & Track Adder
LUM: Jodie
Co-captains: Buns & Nimmo