The All Stars

Auld Reekie’s All Stars represent the best skaters in the league. Currently sitting at the top of Division 2 in the WFTDA rankings, the team have played a huge part in the explosion of roller derby in Europe, competing in the first ever Scottish Roller derby tournament, Europe’s first WFTDA sanctioned tournament and the first ever British Championships.

Hard working, relentless, focused, positive and fun our All Stars challenge teams from around the globe. From home and away games to international tournaments, the All Stars are continuously pushing to be the best they can be – consistently maintaining high positions in the UK, European and International WFTDA rankings. They LOVE roller derby and have gained a reputation as a “fun team to play” but behind that nice guy image, they are supremely determined.

All Stars Roster

11 Crazylegs
12 Simply the Beast
15 Danisaurus Wrecks
16 Velosidy
1649 Temple of Doom
17 emKa
19 Miss Collie-Check
23 Cirque du Slay
264 Pope John Brawl
39 Yin and Bang
51 Purely Belt-her
626 Sasha de Buyl-Pisco
7 Jess
77 Sharlotte Patterson
709 Lady Scrapnell
85 Skinn’er Alive
87 Caitlin
9 Mallory Powers

Bench: DeeDee and DestructSian
Co-captains: Sharlotte & Doom