About ARRG

Auld Reekie Roller Girls is a not-for-profit, grassroots, flat track roller derby team in Edinburgh. Founded in 2008, ARRG was the first Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) member in Scotland. We are a dynamic community that is supportive and inclusive in a competitive environment, in which skaters, officials and non-skating members can be the best they can be.

Being one of the pioneering leagues in Europe, we work tirelessly to contribute to the global development of roller derby. Through our training, coaching and by encouraging hundreds of people to participate and excel in our sport, our members better themselves physically and mentally. We strive to create fearless, formidable travel teams to compete locally and internationally at the highest levels. We are passionate individuals who work together to better the league, in the knowledge that we are part of a positive, unique and revolutionary movement.

ARRG are continually growing, and are always taking in new members. ARRG is a women’s roller derby league. This means that, in line with the WFTDA Gender Policy, all those who identify as women, trans women, intersex women and/or gender-expansive may train and compete as skaters of ARRG if women’s flat track roller derby is the version and composition of roller derby with which they most closely identify. All genders may train as skating and non-skating officials, and join as non-skating members in other capacities.

The conversation around gender, and around equality generally, is an evolving one and as a league we strive to be open to learning, changing and growing.


Named after the city of Edinburgh, affectionately known as ‘Auld Reekie’ (Scots for Old Smoky), ARRG is run as a ‘not for profit’ committee based sports group, keen to promote fun, fitness, equality and friendship for women of all ages (over 18), who are interested in trying something new and exciting.

Although all of our members are unique in their own way, we have a shared goal in seeking continuous improvement in our sport and we’re committed to democratic principles, teamwork and sportswomanship. We encourage diversity, self expression, and above all value the fun of taking part in our sport all over the world.

ARRG’s first public game, ‘Fishnet Burns’, took place on 24 January 2009 at Meadowbank Sports Centre. Since then the league’s two teams, the All Stars and the All Star Reserves, have taken on some of the best teams in Europe, and indeed the world.

They placed fourth in 2009 in ‘Roll Britannia’, Europe’s first roller derby tournament and in 2012 took 3rd place at the ‘Chaos on the Clyde’ Tournament. In November 2012, they placed fourth in all of Europe at ‘Track Queens: Battle Royale’ in Berlin, and in 2013 have achieved their goal of beating the two teams who placed above them at that time

In June 2013, the All Stars travelled to America as one of the first European teams to participate in the East Coast Derby Extravaganza in Philadelphia, PA. They played and won three sanctioned games and defeated teams ranked up to sixty places above them.

WFTDA recognition

In September 2011, ARRG became the second league outside of North America to be accepted as a full member league of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association – the sport’s governing body. This membership is a fantastic testament to the development of European roller derby and will allow ARRG to compete in WFTDA-sanctioned games, factor in rankings and contribute to shaping the development of the sport.

ARRG today

ARRG now has over 100 members, with three travel teams who play against internationally ranked leagues and a home season with three intra-league teams. With an ever-growing fan base, constantly evolving teams and a host of hard-working skaters striving to hit harder and skate faster, ARRG continues to make its presence felt.