The Skatefast Club

An athlete, a brain, a criminal, a princess, a basket case: a group of skaters with nothing in common, except each other. They met on track, and it changed their lives forever.

Channelling the 80s in lemon and grey, The Skatefast Club will touch you in ways you never dreamed possible…  get your yellow on and come cheer for us!

The SkateFast Club 2015 Roster

Captain –  Miss Collie Check 19
Vice Captain – Evelyn Tent 999
Bench – Crazylegs

Aisa Typhoon 55
Brie Larceny 5F
Bunsen BurnHer 61
Calamity Payne 808
Dead Metal 18
Hex 71
Kiki 2
LL Cool Gay 109
McPain 76
Powerhouse 006
Rabbit Rampage 74
Block Rockin’ Feet 514
Shamonster 123
Tank Girl 46
Tartan Tearaway 509
Trojan Virus 526
Velosidy 16