Cherry Bombers

Welcome to Cherry Bomb High where all is not as it seems. Zombies walk the halls with a hunger for knowledge… and brains and the teachers have long since turned a blind eye, in the direction of gin!  Are the cheerleaders missing more than their marbles? Who’s idea was it to put on a production of Little Shop of Horrors? And just what is the Canteen’s ‘mystery meat’?

High school is hell and only the tough survive. READY? OK!

Cherry Bombers 2015 Roster

Captain –  Temple of Doom 1649
Vice Captain – Lady Scrapnell 709

Bacon Roll 4
Cirque du Slay 23
Diamond Slayher 10
Felis Catus
Fuji P45
Lannthrax 292
Lisa Alexander 3004
MJ 801
Minnie Roll 28
Pukeahontas 92
Pummela 321
Purely Belt-Her 51
Sex Bo-bomb 5
Shivy Ki Yay 149
Teapot Rebellion 24
Yin and Bang 39