A busy 2012 so far! ARRG roundup!

All go at ARRG..

We’ve had such a busy start to 2012 that we’ve not even had time to tell you what we’ve been up to. It’s been quite a rush – here’s a quick roundup of the highlights of our 2012 so far.

Twisted Thistles at Tattoo Freeze

The smoke from Edinburgh’s Hogmanay fireworks barely had time to clear before ARRG’s Twisted Thistles blasted off to Tattoo Freeze. We saw some superb jamming, big hits and great tactical skating as the Thistles triumphed over Leicester’s Dolly Rockit Rollers 100 -60 in the first game of the day.

The action continued with ARRG taking on London Rockin’ Rollers in a close, nail biting game that ended LRR 78 – ARRG 61 and meant we played Glasgow in another nail biter for 3rd/4th place. The final score was GRG 79 – ARRG 76 which placed ARRG 4th overall behind GRG 3rd, CCR 2nd and LRR 1st. Well done ladies!


ARRG’s first ever Home Season kicks off

There was hardly time to get over the excitement of Tattoo Freeze before ARRG’s first ever home season game between the Leithal Weapons and the Cherry Bombers at Meadowbank Sports Centre. What a bout! The crowd went wild at the power jams, epic hitting and fantastic shows of athletic action from both teams. We had kazoos, capes, banners that people skated through and the Skatefast Club helping out with some classy announcing. Oh and we revealed our beautiful new merchandise, covered in our new logos.

Velosidy and Admiral Attackbar by Rick Stirling

Velosidy and Admiral Attackbar by Rick Stirling

The final score was Leithal Weapons 179 – Cherry Bombers 171 and looking at the videos and photos from the bout it’s clear that fun was had by all. Looking at the after party footage it’s clear that the fun continued…

Woot – more bouting!

The bouting continued as some of ARRG’s ladies went off to star at Slaughtership Down, an invitational scrimmage hosted by the gorgeous Granite City Roller Girls. The game was great fun and the final score was Woundwort’s Warlocks 163 – 146 Bigwig’s Banshees, with ARRG’s players doing us proud. Even though they were on separate teams, our players (Mallory Powers and Crotch Lightning) were BOTH awarded Best Blocker. Get in!

Can you hear us pumping on the stereo? And blasting on your television?

We’re famous! We’ve been all over the TV and the radio lately and the interview requests haven’t stopped! First we had a mention on Countdown from one of our loyal fans Mark.

Then…our home team captains, Mallory Power, Minnie Riot and Crotch Lightning spent the afternoon at Leith FM talking about our home season and upcoming games and playing their favourite 80s tunes!. You can hear the show here:

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/freshair-features/auld-reekie-roller-girls-talk”]

As if radio wasn’t enough, we then got a call from Caroline Henderson at STV! She’d heard about the amazingness that is roller derby and wanted to film ARRG in action (and try on some skates) as we practised at The Crags (our amazing new, old home! ) Much fun ensued and we appeared on the News at 6 on the 21st Feb. You can catch our appearance on the STV web player at exactly 21 minutes in!


Home Season Bout 2: The Skatefast Club VS Leithal Weapons

Affectionately dubbed ‘The Crimpers vs The Seagulls’, our second home bout happened on the 25th Feb and saw The Skatefast Club take on the home team leader, Leithal Weapons. Smoke filled skateouts, big hair, 80s boutfits, capes, kazoos and the mini Leithal’s mascots all made an appearance before the first jam whistle. We saw amazing offense, cracking jamming and some fancy footwork from the very first until the final whistle. The final score was SFC 116 – 209 LW ensuring that the Leithals will head to the final with two wins under their capes.

Bint Imperial and Minnie Riot by Rick Stirling

Bint Imperial and Minnie Riot by Rick Stirling

Phew… that’s a lot!! What Next?

In just over a week our Twisted Thistles will be trekking down to Birmingham for a game against new WFTDA members, Central City Rollergirls. Yo7u can get more information about the game here.

On the 25th March you can catch the ARRG Cannon Belles at the Bells Sports Centre in Perth as they take on the Fair City Rollers in Cell Block Tango. It’s only a short drive from Edinburgh so you can get your tickets here!

Following on from that, we have the third game in our inaugural home season. This one will be a serious battle for a place in the final as the Cherry Bombers battle against The Skatefast Club – expect this to be a corker of a bout as both teams have all to play for. Tickets at the link as usual!

And then it’s only a few short weeks until our home season final on the 28th of April, to see who will be the winner of our first ever home season championship! You won’t want to miss out on tickets for this one!

Hope to see you there! – ARRG xx

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