Fringe bouts a big success!

August is over and with it, two of ARRG’s most well attended games of 2011! The highly-anticipated Fringe bouts this year promised nailbiting action and world-class skating – and they delivered in spades.

The Cannon Belles kicked it off on 6 August with a belter of a bout against Glasgow Roller Girls’ Maiden Grrders. These teams have been well-matched for years and so this reunion made for an extremely challenging game! Both team played their hearts out, with extremely strong jamming from Glasgow’s Grrders, but unfortunately a strong lead caused by power jams in the first half ensured that the Cannon Belles took away the win. The final score was Cannon Belles 126, Maiden Grrders 86.

Best Jammer
Glasgow Roller Girls: Jess E Ska
Auld Reekie Roller Girls:  Miss Collie Check

Best Take-Out
Glasgow Roller Girls: Venus Velocity and
Auld Reekie Roller Girls:  Danger Mouth

Most Feared
Glasgow Roller Girls: Lola Bruises
Auld Reekie Roller Girls:  Shootin’ Annie

Sin-Bin Queen
Glasgow Roller Girls: Sykes
Auld Reekie Roller Girls: Queenie Ville

Glasgow Roller Girls: Fightin’ Torque
Auld Reekie Roller Girls: Lilo & Stitches

The Twisted Thistles followed up on 20 August with a match-up against the Stuttgart Valley Roller Girlz that left the audience breathless and fans white-knuckled. The Thistles took an early lead, but SVRG spent the first half chipping away at the score, finishing the first half just 12 points behind. In one of the closest bouts in recent memory, the teams battled it out in the second half, trading off the lead and rarely letting more than 10 points separate them. As the clock ticked down, Thistles captain Zillah stepped up as jammer in the final play with a score of 93 ARRG, 95 SVRG. She quickly took the lead, slicing through the pack just as the final whistle blew, and for a long minute the whole audience held its breath as the referees conferred. Then it was official – Thistles 94, SVRG 95.

Best Takeout:
Tease The Tiger

Most Feared:
Polly Purgatory
Danger Mouth

Sin-Bin Queen:
Public Enemy
Juicy Lucy

Best Jammer:
Blitzkrieg Baby
Juicy Lucy

Most Valued Player:
Titty Twista

Both bouts featured live boutcasting on Facebook, and the Thistles also took advantage of the webstreaming at Roller Derby UK TV. Fans from as far away as the US and Australia tuned in to follow the action and comment on ARRG’s Facebook page.

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