New Captain and Vice

During the past two years, Captain CrazyLegs has led the Twisted Thistles from strength to strength. From their first bouts under her guidance to their epic winning streak that began in America and is still going strong, Crazy and Vice Captain Ciderella have been guiding ARRG in their exploits.


But, at the AGM on Sept 16th, CrazyLegs officially stepped down after two years of captaincy of the Twisted Thistles.

Crazylegs: “I had the best time ever being Captain – So many firsts!! WFTDA Track Queens tournament, playing Brawling (twice!), Anarchy III, The first UKRDA sanctioned game with GRD, and of course ECDX!! !  The Thistles are an amazing team, not just for being good on track but for being weird and funny yet seriously dedicated too.  I love them all and I’m grateful for their trust and support in my decisions for so long, we definitely achieved what we set out to!  I’m so excited to see where Cider & Stitches lead us next!”


Ciderella was elected as the new captain and Lilo and Stitches was elected as the new Vice Captain.

Ciderella has been with ARRG since day one and plays a vital part as blocker and pivot (and sometimes jammer).

Crazylegs: “On a personal note I’m so happy to see Cider take on the C, it’s a natural progression for her after being such a brilliant, funny, tactical genius Vice Captain – she knows the team inside out and has great insight. I can’t wait to see her spreading her wings. I’m very proud of her.”

Stitches has been with the Thistles for a year and is best known for her killer jamming moves.

Where do they go from here?

Ciderella:  “The Thistles’ journey over the last two years has been incredible and I am looking forward to the challenge of taking us even further. I can’t wait to work with Stitches and the rest of the WFTDA skaters! We are going to achieve so much!”

They will be awesome.


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