Skate Skills Open Sessions

Are you currently a member of a beginner programme with a roller derby league? Can you already stop & fall safely & have started working on weaving, transitioning & skating backwards? Would you like to get a little extra time on skates to help you nail your skill? If so then sign up to one, or all, of our following open Skate Skills 101 sessions. 

£5 per session.
Open to WFTDA Gender Policy skaters
Sign up HERE:

Sunday 12th August 
12:00-14:00 at Jack Kane Sports Centre
Whips & pushes
Skating in pairs /packs

Sunday 26th August
12:00-14:00 at Jack Kane Sports Centre
Backwards skating
Transitioning 180’s, 360’s
Edge work and balance based drills
Weaving / weaving through cones

Sunday 16th September
12:00-14:00 at Jack Kane Sports Centre
* Focus on speed, accuracy and aggression
*Taking hits: form; counter blocking; safe falls

Sunday 30th September
12:00-14:00 at Jack Kane Sports Centre:
NB you must be comfortable & stable when giving & receiving hits to attend this session
Introduction to Scrimmage training:
Lining up / jam starts
Walls, moving together / in a pack
Running some jam start plays

Along with our ARRGmazing coaches, our wise owl “wowl” skaters will also be there to provide support and guidance.

Please note:
We will not be able to officially assess you on these skills (as this needs to be carried out at your own league). If our coaches feel that it is not safe enough for you to take part in the session you have signed up to you will not be permitted to skate.

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