Featured Skater: Bulletproof Glass #.357

Home Team Affiliation: Well for the past two years I have played for the Leithal Weapons, and I have taken great pride in wearing blue, but this year I am just as excited to get a brand new team colour and start the fun all over again! The home season is not about winning or losing, it is about watching new skaters grow and develop their skills in a game situation… the pride you feel for every new skater is overwhelming!

Joined ARRG in: Eh… 2011? Is is really bad that I don’t know!? I do know that joining ARRG changed my life; I have never met a more amazing group of women (and refs) and have never felt so accepted.

Favourite position to play: I really like to block and I am never happier than being in a tight wall, holding the jammer back until she wants to give up… I love the feeling of working together on track and using each other’s skills for maximum impact! Plus… I really like hitting people (sorry mom).

Best ARRG memory: There are millions of amazing ARRG moments and listing them would take weeks… The things that means the most to me are the friendships that have come out of this wonderful derby roller coaster ride, so many people that are now part of my life and push me to be a better skater.

Favourite after skate drink/snack: Ok, if I wanted to be all sporty I would say I eat super healthy post skate… BUT after practice I eat Doritos and drink 7-up… and after a game I eat whatever gluten free treats Connie has set aside for me… followed by tequila. ATHLETE!!!

Worst Derby injury: Ugh. I have had a ton of annoying derby injuries… my knees give me the most trouble, but I have had a black eye, cracked rib, torn ligaments in my feet, sprained thumb, and both knees have forced me off skates for months of rehab… BUT I love derby, so nothing will stop me from trying again!

Best Derby advice: Don’t compare yourself to others (yeah right) and remember that every single person has a different derby journey; it may take you two years to play on the travel teams, but only six months for your pal… you may have setbacks, you may have doubts, you may just want to give up… just keep skating! Your journey will be full of amazing highs and devastating lows… it is worth it!

Any funny/embarrassing derby stories? For the first 4 games I was in, nearly every photo was me on the floor… rolling around… looking ridiculous… but they never show how fast I get up! =P

Derby Hero: I am not a derby stalker; I don’t know who half of the skaters are when people talk about their favourites… I feel a ridiculous amount of pride for all the Auld Reekie Girls around me, for all they do for the league, for all they give up for the love of the sport… one hero? Impossible.

What do you do outside of derby: I am a Veterinary Nurse during the day, a job that I find both really wonderful and heartbreaking… every day is different and I have never wished for a different path.

Favourite film of all time: I love like millions of films… and I am very indecisive! My mood swings change my favourites from day to day… but I always return to the same half dozen ;)

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