Featured Skater: Terryfying Tink #802

This months featured skater is the amazing Terryfying Tink #802.

Tink transferred to ARRG 2 years ago, and is now one of our Cannon Belles. She mainly plays as a blocker, and years of helping out in NSO positions have helped her gain an amazing insight into the game. She’s really involved in the roller derby community, as a rep for UKRDA. Not only is she so much fun to skate with, her dry sense of intelligent humour makes her just fun to be around!

Home Team Affiliation: Cherry Bombers

Joined ARRG in: Nov 2012, been skating since Nov 2009

Favourite position to play: Block, block, block

Best ARRG memory: Coach Karaoke on the way back from Wakefield last year

Worst Derby injury: Ive had quite a few trophy injuries, I think I may have permanent fishnet pattern on my ass, but the worst, that actually kept me off skates, was testing a floor out when no one was around. No pads, not paying attention, I tripped myself and went down hard on my right knee. I didnt think I was going to get up again. But I did, immediately strapped my pads on and played a full bout. By the time the last whistle blew my knee was like a big purple melon. I still have a numb bit, and have to ice it pretty much after every training.

Best Derby advice: Never skate without kneepads, EVER!
EVER! EVER! Buy the best ones you can afford, then gaskets underneath.

Any funny/embarrassing derby stories? Hundreds! Mostly involving afterpartys, roadtrips and dashes across countries to play with pals 🙂

Derby Hero: Alma Geddon. I saw her play in the first bout I ever watched, when I thought I could never get to the point where I could compete. She helped me get there.

What do you do outside of derby: As a job, Im a parasite biologist, mostly malaria research at the moment. I crochet in the winter, I garden in the summer and I trawl the countryside in the interests of archaeology whenever I can.

Fun facts about you: I <3 my chainsaw! :D

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