The School of ARRG Knocks Roller Derby Bootcamp is back!!

The School of ARRG Knocks Roller Derby is back for it’s Fifth Year!

Our All Stars have been climbing up the WFTDA rankings and are spending time in the States playing at The Big O – soaking up all the knowledge from the best teams in the world. Now they want to bring those skills to you and help you get the most from your derby game!!


This year to celebrate our 5th School of ARRG knocks we have gone EVEN BIGGER, EVEN BETTER and EVEN ARRGER… to bring you a WHOLE WEEKEND of SOAK bootcampery. We’ve got derby skills, artistic skills, skatepark skills AND an excellent afternoon of SOAK5al ( a sur5al type tournament)!!

Tickets are available here: 

What do we have planned for SOAK5 and SOAK5al?

Firstly this is a Co-ed bootcamp with groups for:
Pre-mins ->> with skills and tips to nail all those minimum requirements and the dreaded laps!

Intermediate ->> you’ve passed mins right through to those who’ve maybe played a few games up to B /C team level. Your looking to build your confidence, agility and tactics and level up on your skate skills.

Advanced ->> Ideal for A and B team level players who are confident and agile with a good understanding of tactics who want to take their skills even further and bring up their teams’ skills too.

Pre-mins is sat only. All other skaters have options on Sat / Sun and SOAK5al. There are observer tickets too. 

Saturday highlights:

Pre Mins group:off skates & on skates sessions…
* We will BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE – Leaping onto crash mats and hitting with soft landings – testing out big moves and technical skills in a safe environment!
* We’ll work on your – CREATIVE SKATING – We’ll be building up your agility skills FAST!
* We’ll IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE AND STRIDE – two things guaranteed to get your laps faster!
* And.. we will PREPARE YOU FOR A LIFE OF DERBY!! – with tips on Pre-hab for joints, easy conditioning for strength, how to hurt less and get more out of your skate sessions!
* Lastly tips to BEAT THE LAPS!

Inters & Advanced – on and off skates sessions….
* We’ll work on your JAMMER AGILITY – are edges risky? How to reduce risk and win points!
* We’ll do SEQUENTIAL TRAINING – taking tactics to the next level, faster decisions on track.
* We’ll work on EVERYONE NEEDS OFFENSIVE PLAY – timing and techniques!
* We’ll teach you how to WIN OFF THE TRACK – game day prep, game face. bench to track work, effective warm ups
* And we’ll show you all about BUILDING A TEAM – everyone has a role!


We bring you Creative Skating that will improve your derby skills! For both intermediate and advanced level skaters we have special SOAKsessions on Sunday morning from our resident experts!

* SKATE PARK SKILLS! – How do you approach a ramp? Jumps and landing? Conquer the fear!
* And.. ARTISTIC SKATING SKILLS! Learn all about balance and spinning!

SOAK5al Tournament all afternoon!! 
Teams of 5! Battle it out to see who will be the ULTIMATE SOAK5er!! Limited spaces available!!

SOAK has an exceptionally supportive and fun environment for you to learn with surprise themed warm ups (last year we had a full hunger games battle and we’ve enjoyed a full 80s themed session!), limited edition merch, and our awesome and amazing experienced coaches!

Get your tickets here:

Saturday only pre-mins / Inters or Advanced – £45
Weekend Inters and Advanced plus SOAK5al – £75
Weekend Inters and Advanced no SOAK5al – £60
Sunday only with SOAK5al – £45
Sunday only with no SOAK5al – £25
Observer – £10.

** pre mins are saturday only
** SOAK5al teams will be contacted nearer to the time.

Tickets are limited so get your tickets today! :0)

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